Theme Restaurant

Richard Dias
Theme Restaurant
Built-up area: 
Theme Based Interiors With A Flavour Of The Far East Designing Thaiban was more an exercise in restraint…a case of the cliché, ‘Less is more...’ Though it is a thematic restaurant, you will not find very obvious ‘costume’ references to regional flavour but a more understated, underplayed rather than overdone spatial drama. We took this seriously…literally allowing the space to unfold as a series of spatial indications that lead to an overall ambience…The mood of the restaurant is set at the entrance itself we have deliberately gone in for neutral understated materials rather than ‘obvious’ cultural punctuations…sleeper wood railings, contemporary feel stainless steel signage, muted lantern lighting, a bit of soft greenery distinguish this eatery from its immediate neighbors. This sets the stage for the outdoor dining. A generous picture window entrance complete with bamboo and milky white pebbles forms the actual transit between inside and outside…creating that much needed visual link. Once inside the space enfolds as a series of layers, largely uncluttered and minimal…Rustic walls and floor swathe in dull, muted light create a cozy envelope. Architecturally, the use of glass enlarges the limited dimensions of the restaurant as also the niches add depth. They also create room for personalization of the theme. We have worked around creating an ambience rather than recreating an authentic look…the colors, the lighting, the temperature, the visual package encompassing the feel of the floors, the walls all go to set the understated ‘Thai feel…which is contemporary rather than obviously traditional. The artifacts, the choice of wood, bamboo & pebbles, the upholstery; add a layer to the theme and are thus in sync.
Thai Ban (1)
Thai Ban (2)
Thai Ban (3)
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Thai Ban (5)
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